Yes, the laboratory and radiology of Kasra Hospital provide the clients with the fulltime services.


You can contact these phone numbers: 82111313 & 82111314

Medical laboratory, pathology laboratory, radiology, CT scan, cardiovascular Doppler, endoscopy, bronchoscopy, spirometry, exercise test, hair transplant, urodynamic, echocardiography, Electrocardiography (ECG), Holter monitoring, electroencephalography, nuclear medicine diagnostic services, crusher, physical medicine and rehabilitation, audiometry, hemodialysis and emergency, prostate laser.


For the admission, ID card and national ID card are required. In the case of insurance, the insurance documents are required.


According to the latest evaluation of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Kasra Hospital has achieved the high-ranking.


The patients are daily visited in normal units during 3-5 pm and the special units during 4-5 pm.